Week 18, Sunday 10/23 - Bike

Training stats for the day's cycling ...


City, State: Chico, CA

Location: Sam's House

Course: 8th St. --> Scotty's Landing --> W. Sacramento --> 8th St. (Loop)

Terrain: Flat. Paved.

Distance and/or Time: 22 miles

Speed or RPE: 15.3 mph, 4 (somewhat light)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Bike


Why was it so hard to ride today? Am I really that tired or fatigued all ready? I feel like such a slacker today. It was such an effort to get up to 16 mph and then nearly impossible to keep it there; there's really no excuse as the roads are completly flat. Hmmmm. Anyway, we wanted to go swimming today in the Sacramento River, so we headed to River Rd. to get a little wet! We swam (sort of) and then headed back. Short, but sweet.