Stressed and Sick, but looking ahead!

I've been pretty worn-down this week. I've finally succumbed to a really bad cold complicated with an eye problem (I've got styes in my left eye. Ick!). I took today off from work and haven't exercised since Wednesday evening, but I plan to go cycling really easy tomorrow if I'm not still stuffed up. I'm hoping to go, and if I do, I'll go slow ... maybe for a longer ride of 2 hours? We'll see. I have to make sure to stay well-hydrated! The cold medication is making me so drowsy and thirsty! I'd be using my SinuPulse (sinus irrigation), but I'm so congested that nothing will go through. (Doubly Ick! Plus, breathing is a little tough; there's snot running everywhere! Ew!)

Have a great weekend and I'm looking forward to finding how Vollenda's bike ride this weekend turns out!

PS - Did I mention that I got my new commuter bike today? I bought a Schwinn World Tour Commuter Bike and I'm just dying to starting riding it to work and to run errands and stuff! The box was delivered today ... It's killing me to be sick right now. I want to be out riding it around! Maybe tomorrow will be different? (I've got my fingers crossed!)